Round 3

February 2009

The new year and sunny January holidays gave me a bit of a break from the drugs, needles and scans. February came and we decided to give it one more try. Dr Baby-Maker put me back on the original drug, gave up on Ixie (apparently there is no cure for laziness) and tweaked the doses a little.

Bear in mind that 3 days a week we have 3 little bodies in the house that have to be clothed, fed, bathed, played with and sent to school, (Oh, thank God for school!!) all while I’m stabbing myself with 2 different drugs at breakfast and zipping off for scans and getting back in time to get myself sorted for work. They freely accepted that I had a sore tummy and I had to go to the doctors…a lot. I tried to keep my rollercoastering emotions at bay while they were around and fend off questions from the middle child about when I was going to have a baby in my tummy. We hadn’t discussed IVF with the children, but their mother had given birth to a new baby the month before I started my first cycle, so they were curious. Yeah…that helped!

The regular scans were also good at keeping track of the fibroids they had picked up at the beginning. I had 3, but one of them had always given me a bit of pain prior to the onset of my period. This was 3cm before the first cycle and was steadily getting bigger. My doctor suggested that if this cycle was unsuccessful, it was probably worth having it removed.

As we neared the end of the cycle, the number of follicles was again quite low. It wasn’t looking promising. Out of 6 follicles we only got 4 eggs. 3 survived the night and the exciting news was they all looked in pretty good condition. By day 3, all 3 were still going but 1 was starting to break up. On day 5 I went in for implant and 2 were still going well, so we put both in. Apparently the chances of that resulting in twins is pretty slim. I didn’t care. I just wanted one of them to stick.

No joy.

As my husband and I prepared for a well-deserved break overseas, I booked myself in for surgery to have the fibroid removed.