Beware: Crazy Woman Looking for Chocolate

September 2010

They were both wrong.

It’s now September which I don’t consider to be the middle of the year, and as my husband has conveniently gone interstate during this ovulation time, it will be October/November before we have another crack.

Since having the first miscarriage in 2009, my periods have gone from normal, manageable, to very heavy and highly unreasonable. (Too much information?) PMS has gone from a couple of days of allowable snapping at my husband, to being filled with absolute dread at what the next few days will hold.

I totally understand why Dr Baby-Maker suggests going on contraception too. This is my monthly mind-set, and I assume it’s similar to anyone trying to conceive.
Day 1-5 – get through your period without killing anyone.
Day 5-15 – think about how you’re going to find the time/energy to have sex as many times as possible whether you want to or not (ah…romance) and curse your husband for taking a tour out of town right when you might possibly be ovulating.
Day 16-21 – wonder whether you got it right. Were you both too tired? Was it worth making your husband drive back from Bathurst for 1 night in the pouring rain on icy roads worth it?
Day 22 – What was that twinge? Was that a sign? Is my period coming? Do I have wind? Meanwhile husband is making advances for more sex. Is he crazy? I’m not even ovulating!
Day 23 – Is it too early to do a test? If it’s negative I can just get on with things and put it out of my mind.
Day 24 – I’m not doing a test. It’s too risky. I might get a false positive and be disappointed again. Just wait a few more days.
Day 25 – My wrist is hurting. Carpel tunnel? It’s back. Surely that’s a good sign.
Day 26-27 – Do the test? Don’t do the test?
Day 28 – Hmmm…no period.
Day 29 – still no period.
Day 30 – spotting. That’s not necessarily a bad sign. Could be implanting blood. That happened before.
Day 31 – Period. Where’s the chocolate?

As if to mock me, not only have my periods become extremely heavy, but now they are regularly late. Just to annoy me.


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